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Crypto is for Everyone

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that time will change our lives for the better. One day, equality will replace the old system of subjugation. Banks and billionaires have rigged the financial system to their benefit, granting themselves more power and fortune. Meanwhile, the middle and lower classes do not have access to the true power of banking, being subject to restrictions and lack of support. Many banks do not provide or extend credit to low or average income individuals, or are charged exorbitant interest rates.

Crypto is for All

The future of cryptocurrencies will provide everyone the path to financial freedom, allowing anyone to invest anywhere and everywhere. Anyone can buy, sell, or mine. Crypto delivers equality, providing for the financial needs of all individuals – rich or poor. It offers the same means and even the same securities and rights to everyone.

People with very low income can start saving, lending, losing and winning money, just like wealthy tycoons. People who’ve felt disenfranchised by a system that seems to only bring scarcity and poverty will find a light at the end of the tunnel. For those who never thought they would never have a voice, crypto will give them an identity, a wallet, and a virtual account that they can control to push them forward in life.

Cethereum: A New Life for ALL

Cethereum, the ETHER HUB, is among the fastest Ethereum networks in the world that provides everyone the ability to trade Ethereum, using different types of money transfer services. Cethereum offers many options to support the public in creating something diverse and innovative. Mining Ethereum based on different services allows every individual the ability to secure the money invested and be paid back on a weekly basis, by ETH and on a standard and stable rate.

This article is not about introducing the innovative Cethereum crypto process. The purpose is to introduce a path to financial stability and freedom for everyone, unbounded by any government or bank.

Cethereum, The Take-off

You might think yourself alone in the world, weighed down by fixed traditions, old cultures, political divide, and unrealistic fiscal policies. In fact, many people think and feel that – as thought they are born into a world made only for suffering.

But a vision of hope has been started and designed in Vancouver, Canada. It was built by different collaborators from all around the world, and is still evolving. It’s goal is to enact freedom and liberty from all financial restrictions enforced by governments and banks. It is Cethereum that can help you build your dreams, based on loyalty and transparency; things you will never be able to find dealing with banks and traditional money exchanges.

Cethereum, the world’s fastest Ethereum based network, may destabilize the world business cycle. But it will eventually regulate the economy, productivity and output, by defying managed fiscal policy, decreasing taxes, and increasing the consumer cost index. However, people should trust and believe in Cethereum. The blockchain industry, Ethereum, Cethereum, and especially the unbanked population worldwide, will eventually see a great economic boom and secure the expansion of the business cycle. This will happen through Cethereum’s Ether trading and mining instead of through debt and mortgages injections.

Cethereum, The Magical Cedars

The Cedar, the divine tree, which survived centuries of different periods of extinctions, kept rising and teaching mankind, never to kneel down for kleptocrats, but to fight for their success and freedom. Cedars supported civilizations, over the years, by using their woods to travel the world and reach new continents.

Even though they were over exploited by people during all ages, the cedars provided protection, and gave the power and significance to the lives of the poor and weak. It’s an empowering feeling when you look to these trees and you appreciate their essential role in the life of humankind.

The vision of Cethereum is to make this feeling of empowerment a reality, to grant a sense of power against all problems. Our Mission is to build a new shelter for humanity, full of prosperity and liberty.

There are still too many people that believe blockchain is a volatile industry to invest, but how can you deny the future if you’ve never tried to be involved or at least learn the process of this new technology. Many big investors did take the risk, and have already profited. And every blockchain skeptic should at least try to understand the future of this industry and what it promises to offer. It’s not just a new technology, it’s something that can shape the way we view money itself. If you’re still skeptical, just remember that there used to be large companies that didn’t fully embrace what new tech and online sales could do for their business. If you’re a crypto skeptic, just remember what technological paradigm shifts have done to Blockbuster, Polaroid, and now Sears.

Cethereum can teach anyone how the blockchain industry works and how to trade and mine Ether. The more you understand it, the sooner you can embrace a better future. Cethereum offers support to get you started off right. You can have financial peace of mind – that thing you have been searching for. Be brave! Take on the future. Start with Cethereum.


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