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Adopt Early and Save

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The best way to hedge against inflation is to invest. Ever wonder why the rich get richer while the poor seem to get poorer? The rich can invest easily – they have more disposable income. But most of us have monthly bills and expenses that eats away at disposable income. It’s harder for most people to invest. Over time, inflation hits poorer people the hardest, eating away at the personal wealth of hard-working individuals.

For most people, a savings account with a bank is the easiest way to save. But as we all know, those earn notoriously low interest rates – maybe 1 or 2% per year. So why not be an early adopter? A great way to increase wealth is to purchase a commodity early, while it’s still affordable, before it really takes off. Yes, we’re talking about Ether.

It’s true that cryptocurrencies and the tech that surrounds them can endure wild fluctuations. Though with minimal effort you can set up your account and own digital assets in a technology that is growing. In the end, you can beat the banks with higher potential increases in value.

You can set up your digital wallet and link it to your bank account for easy savings. Yes, you will probably see fluctuations. But that means your small investment could rise by 1 to 2% in a day, or even within an hour! Is it any wonder that banks hate cryptocurrencies? They hate anything that robs them of power and threatens the value of their holdings.

Plus, owning Ether is the same as owning any commodity. Ether is similar to oil or wheat (which also see daily fluctuations). In fact Ether is called gas. You can think of it as the gas that processes or moves Ethereum. It’s a commodity that is developing a demanding market. Many investors are entering the Ether market. Some Fortune 500 companies are developing future businesses on the Ethereum platform. Someday we may see Ether ETF listed on commodity trackers alongside gold and coffee beans.

Ethereum has real value. It is backed by data and technology. It’s a platform that is growing. It is in an early adoption phase, but it’s growth seems assured as it has become more accepted within the business community. Even some banks are beginning to use it. Owning Ether is similar to owning tech stocks. How rich would you be if you (or your father) had bought Apple or Microsoft stocks back in 1984?

Many people are concerned about privacy and security when it comes to their money. They think crypto is not the “clean” money because it can’t be tracked. As if traditional currency has never been laundered or used for illicit purposes. In fact, the fiat currencies have been laundered more than any other currencies in history.

Ether is arguably a better kind of currency. Ethereum is a more pure and democratic form of money. It brings privacy yet transparency. It allows for financial freedom and ease. It’s backed by real technology and people, not by a government or central bank. The smart contract model should bring more stability than other cryptocurrencies. Its value is derived from its own supply and demand.

Ether and other cryptocurrencies are a way into a new era. First wealth came from land and properties. Then there was the gold rush, the Industrial Revolution, US stocks, the dot-com boom, and now it’s the blockchain time. The time to jump on board is now, during this early adoption phase. Just like the early bird that gets the worm, early adopters stand to profit the most.

The next time you think about purchasing something small – like a drink, a meal, or a movie – think about how much Bitcoin you could have bought with those few dollars in 2009, when Bitcoin was only $0.06. Five dollars would have bought 83.333333 Bitcoin. (I won’t bother calculating your vast, imaginary fortune here. You can figure it out for yourself.) So if you put those few dollars into an Ethereum account now, where will you be in ten years? Just something to think about.

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